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We know our catalog records are of the very highest quality and so we invite you to compare us to anyone else! When you order those buy-in-bulk MARC records, look closely - there may be something missing...

Where is the Info?

Ask for sample records from us and any other cataloging company...and compare them! We are more than happy to provide sample records for any and all of our collections of records.

Your Users don't always know the titles of the item they need. Very often their search begins with a "subject" or "keyword" search and if your MARC catalog records have no subject headings, none of these items will retrieve for your researcher.

Your Budget is very important! Your library undoubtedly subscribes to many digital resources and we know that you want to make sure your users are finding that content easily!

The Content of your MARC Catalog Records is just as important as the content it represents. As far as your user is concerned, if an item is not retrievable, the library doesn't have it! If your MARC records are outdated or incorrect, they can lead the user to a dead end.

Cassidy Cataloguing is the official cataloger of W.S. Hein, an approved cataloger of Thomson Reuters for WestlawNext, and a cataloging partner of LexisNexis and Wolters Kluwer. This means we have an open channel of communication with the publisher and receive advanced and proprietary knowledge of when a title is no longer held, when new titles are available and when something has changed. We create, or update, the catalog records to match this information. Records are then sent to you as part of our Monthly Update Service.

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Better MARC Records → More Successful Searches → More Satisfied Users & Researchers → Support For the Library!

AALL Award

aall awardCassidy Cataloguing Services was awarded the Best New Product Award for 2008 by the American Association of Law Libraries, for our Westlaw and Lexis E-Treatise MARC Record Collections Lexis II: Primary Source MARC Record Collections and Westlaw IV: Law Journals & Law Reviews MARC Record Collection.

We are very proud and honored to have been nominated and chosen for this award.

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